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As we move towards the end of another busy and eventful school year, this edition of the Kick Start Enterprise newsletter contains a further selection of articles to inform, engage and inspire teaching professionals.

First up is some news for school EMA (Ethnic Minority Achievement) Leaders.
Kick Start consultants are very pleased to be able to work with designated EMA Leaders in a number of schools. To support them we have developed a document which describes the range of knowledge, skills and responsibilities an EMA leader should have in schools.

We are also facilitating EMA Leader Network training sessions to enable EMA Leaders to meet regularly to share good practice, to exchange successes and challenges and to pass on useful advice, guidance and resources.

Click on the highlighted text for links to the EMA Leader information, the ‘skills document’ and details of the EMA Leaders Network sessions.

Schools have often asked Kick Start consultants about the requirement for them to have an EAL policy amongst their range of policies.

Click the highlighted text for advice and guidance and a model EAL Policy.
Kick Start colleagues have delivered a number of school-based and central training sessions to schools this academic year and we are pleased to report that evaluations from this training is consistently high.

People have said the nicest things about recent 'Supporting EAL in Early Years' and 'Black achievement' training sessions.

Some of their comments can be found here and here.

The final central training opportunity from Kick Start Enterprise this academic year takes place on Wednesday 15th June and is called ‘Developing a positive sense of self in a diverse society: issues for schools’.

Click the highlighted text for a flier advertising the session and details of how to book a place.
Kick Start colleagues attended some training ourselves last month when a lead practitioner from the professional development organization ‘Facing History Facing Ourselves’ delivered a session at the Kick Start office.

‘Facing History and Ourselves’ is a London-based, non-profit making international and professional development organization which provides training and resources for teachers and schools to foster empathy and reflection, improve students’ academic performance, reinvigorate teachers, and build safe and inclusive schools.

Click the highlighted text for further information about the organisation and how you can access their excellent training.

Isn’t language fantastic? However, we are all aware how language changes over time and how difficult it can sometimes be to keep up to date with ever-changing terminology.

At the request of a number of schools we have put together the following list of terminology – that which we consider the most useful related to our work with equality and inclusion practice. Click the highlighted text to view or download.

Finally, did you know that ‘World day for Cultural Diversity’ is on  21st May 2016?
What will your setting or school do for diversity and inclusion on that day?
Here we suggest some possible activities for you to consider so that you too can join the UNESCO campaign and ‘Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion’ on 21st May.
Kick Start Enterprise is happy to work with local authorities and with individual settings, schools and academies to develop inclusive practices, to raise the attainment of minority ethnic children and young people, including those with English as an Additional Language and to help build skills and knowledge in the workforce.

Full details of opportunities are available on the Kick Start Enterprise website:

To discuss any support or training needs please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Call 0844 8708 132 or email

EMA LeadersKick Start Enterprise support for Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA) Leaders

Kick Start Enterprise consultants can support EMA leaders in their role in a number of ways:
  1. Training for a new EMA leader to support their role.
  2. Working with an established EMA leader to continue to evaluate and plan work in the school that ensures BME and EAL pupils reach their potential.
  3. Encouraging EMA Leaders to attend regular ‘EMA network meetings’ so that EMA Leaders can meet and share good practice with others in a similar role in different schools.
  4. Provide central training and in-school training, e.g. within staff meetings or INSET days. Read more..
Kick Start Enterprise is running a
Ethnic Minority Achievement Leaders Network
training session at
Moorlands Federation
Chantry Mead Road
Bath BA2 2DE
from 4.00pm to 5.30pm on 27th June
To book a place for your school please contact Gail Rennolds, or telephone 0844 8708 132.
Judith Longstreth

People say the nicest things..

Feedback from Kick Start training for Early Years practitioners.
"Bharti helped me with ideas to put into practice."

"It was really good to see how children learn to speak and that we have the resources now to use them in our setting."

For further details on this course and full feedback click here..
Feedback from Supporting Equality: ensuring the attainment of Black heritage pupils.

"This was very useful training. I also really appreciate that the trainer made great efforts to tailor the subject matter to the Early Years."

"I now understand that I need to find ways to support the needs of BME as well as EAL children."

For further details on this course and full feedback click here..
World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is 21st May 2016

“Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion!”
To read about ten simple things your School or Early Years Setting can do to celebrate the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development click here..